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puppy is so done with this life


puppy is so done with this life

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Boom, bitch.

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I’ll teach you.

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Wait for me, right here.

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NEXT TIME ON DETECTIVE HALE: will he realise that the red liquid on the floor is blood, will he work out that the non-breathing person is dead and will Miss Tate ever stop being so easily impressed? TUNE IT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE.

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Green Chili Mac and Cheese

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This is how thoroughly we women have been sexualized, that we cannot make the kind of noises that come with physical exertion without it being associated with sex. In fact, everything about our bodies has been sexualized in one way or another. If we groan during sport or we breast-feed in public, we are criticized for making people think about sex. If we talk openly about things like menstruation and poop and farts, then we are criticized for making people not want to think about sex.

Think about what it means to be ladylike and all of the adjectives that go along with it: elegant, cultured, classy, sophisticated. To be successful at being feminine means being successful at being private, keeping your body’s natural functions behind closed doors and never letting anyone know they exist. It means to be constrained, that you do not let your legs spread wide in public transportation and you do not make noises that are harsh on the ears. It means presenting a polished, shiny surface to the world at all times, one that allows others to project whatever they wish onto you while never showing too much of your true self.